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At ShipBuddy every shipment be it by Air, Sea or Land be it large or small is equally important. We are a unique shipping company that will tailor your shipment to meet your needs.

We provide the following Shipping Services:
. Local Shipping
. International Shipping
. Air Freight
. Ocean Freight
. Ground Freight
. Custom Clearance & Brokerage Service

ShipBuddy has warehouses in Ottawa,Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver & Edmonton

ShipBuddy is one of the fastest growing international shipping companies in Ottawa, Ontario. How did we get here? with best is class customer service and with the support of our customer

From your door to the destination, ShipBuddy welcomes you to be part of the world which connects you to various links destinatoins and opens the gate for your international shipments. At ShipBuddy we pride ourselves at being able to provide
you with the best solutions necessary for any kind of shipment, be it packing by Courier Service, Air Freight, Sea Freight or Ground Freight.

Our customers are our highest priority whether you're ship 1 box,1000 boxes or a full container load, your shipment is important to us.
We offer our customer competitive freight shipping rates with safety, security and a peace of mind. Our friendly sales staff is
experienced and can guide you every step of the way. Get FREE Freight Quote!

Ship Buddy providing International Overseas shipping services to Residents of Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Banff, Calgary & Halifax.
ShipBuddy specializes in packing and shipping items. Most mail and parcel centres can’t handle due to their packing limitations. ShipBuddy specializes in packing and shipping artwork, antiques, furniture, electronics, computer servers, machinery, and equipment. We serve both the residential and business-to-business (B2B) markets. We also provide freight services for perishable food items or hazardous materials.
Air - Ocean - Land Shipping
We provide Houshold & Commercial Shipping from
Ottawa to China, Ottawa to Africa, Ottawa to Europe, Ottawa to Asia, Ottawa to Australia, Ottawa to Middle East

We provide Houshold & Commercial Shipping from
Toronto to China,Toronto to Africa, Toronto to Europe, Toronto to Asia, Toronto to Australia, Ottawa to Middle East
Vancouver to China, Vancouver to Africa, Vancouver to Europe, Vancouver to Asia, Vancouver to Australia, Vancouver to Middle East
Montreal to China, Montreal to Africa, Montreal to Europe, Montreal to Asia, Montreal to Australia, Montreal to Middle East
Halifax to China, Halifax to Africa, Halifax to Europe, Halifax to Asia, Halifax to Australia, Halifax to Middle East

We provide Houshold & Commercial Shipping from
Alberta to China, Alberta to Africa, Alberta to Europe, Alberta to Asia, Alberta to Australia, Alberta to Middle East

We also provide Ground shipping from Ottawa, Kingston Greater Toronto Area and Montreal to US. We provide shipping services to ship documents, Boxes, Barrells, Crates, Pallets, Containers and more... Call Us today to find out more. We also provide custom clearance and brokerage services.
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