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Declared Value Coverage offers repair or reimbursement on items shipped if damage occurs during the transit process. Coverage is door-to-door. If you purchase declared value coverage and damage occurs during the transit process, depending upon the amount of damage, the item may be repaired or you may be reimbursed based on the value declared on the USAR. Proof of value is required. The liability covers the merchandise only and does not cover freight cost, packing costs, duty or taxes.
Full Value Protection provides true peace of mind. When you select this option, articles that are lost, damaged or destroyed will, at ShipBuddy Inc. discretion, be either repaired, replaced with articles of like kind and quality at today's market value, or a cash settlement will be made for the repairs or for replacement of the articles at their current market value, regardless of the age of the lost or damaged articles. ShipBuddy Inc. provides Full Value Protection for the convenience of its clients in the following manner.

Full Value Protection Option - A
Minimum Coverage: $3,000 with $500 deductible
Cost: $120 plus applicable H.S.T

Full Value Protection Option - B
Minimum Coverage: $5,000 with $500 deductible
Cost: $200 plus applicable H.S.T

Full Value Protection Option - C
Minimum Coverage: $10,000 with $500 deductible
Cost: $400 plus applicable H.S.T

Example of Full Value Protection

The approximate cost for Full Value Protection for a 3 or 4 bedroom house is $40.00 for every thousand dollars of coverage you decide to purchase. For example for $10,000.00 coverage your cost will be $400.00 with $1,000 deductible.

Content Protection Policy is not "Insurance" in the normal sense of having a specific policy written under the auspices of an insurance underwriter. Instead the funds for repair or replacement come from a "valuation fund" held by ShipBuddy Inc. and are subject to terms stated on the bill of lading.

Please make sure all high value items are noted in writing by ShipBuddy's crew as this will insure proper coverage. Please carefully read exceptions from liability section below to better understand what is not covered under Content Protection Policy. If you have any questions regarding our Content Protection Policy please call us at 613.366.3144 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Exceptions from Liability

The Company shall not under any circumstances, be liable for:
a) Loss, damage or delay to any of the goods described in the bill of lading caused by an act of God, the Queen's or public ....enemies, riots, strikes, a defect or inherent vice in the goods, an act or default of the consignor, Owner or Customer, authority o ... of law and or quarantine.
b) Mechanical quality of any electronics or appliances.
c) Acoustical quality of any musical instruments
d) Damage to articles made of press board, Particle board or wafer board or similar structured materials
e) Damage to glass, marble or similar materials in or part of articles being moved
f) .Damage caused by or due to peeling veneer of any sort
g) Deterioration of any article due to aging, temperature, humidity or moisture
h) Loss or damage to electronics. All electronics are moved and/or transported at owner's risk.
k) Loss or damage to articles that are being moved internally that are not part of pickup or delivery at either of the Customer ....location.
m) Responsibility to use the proper packing methods is the clients and owner packed cartons are covered only if there is visible.....damage to the carton.
n). Items of extraordinary value including but not limited to Mortgage Papers, Legal Documents, Business Documents, Antique's,.....Jewellery are not covered by either release rate liability or full value protection. Therefore these items are moved and/or.....transported at owner's risk.
o). Exterior cosmetic damage on unboxed merchandise caused by Company is consignor's sole responsibility. Company does .....not take any responsibility what so ever on items that are unpacked or poorly packed. All unboxed or open items are mover .....and/or transported on Customer's sole responsibility.
p). ShipBuddy Inc. reserves the right to refuse to move items through passages or stariways with less than 3 inches .....clearance all around the walls/ceiling and the item in question. In agreeing to these terms and condition of service you are .....waiving any liability against ShipBuddy Inc. for damage that might occur to the passage, strairways, walls or the items in .....question during execution of such maneuvers.
q). ShipBuddy Inc. is not responsible for any damage what so ever to the interior or exterior of the home. As such any.....insurance purchased will only cover damage to items being moved.

ShipBuddy Inc. Content Protection Policy

In the instance that personal item(s) are damaged, ShipBuddy Inc. offer the following valuation protection options to allow us to rectify the situation quickly, keeping you happy with our services during your move.

ShipBuddy Inc. offer you total peace of mind with Replacement Value Protection, the most comprehensive protection plan in the industry. Should an item sustain damage while in ShipBuddy Inc. care under Replacement Value Protection, ShipBuddy Inc. accepts responsibility to repair the article, or if repairs are not possible or if an item is lost, ShipBuddy Inc. will replace it with an item of like value and quality.

Release Rate Liability

Our standard and economical option, offering minimal protection at no additional cost. Claims for loss or damage are based on weight multiplied by 60 cents per pound. For example, if ShipBuddy Inc. would lose or damage a 20-pound computer valued at $2,000, your settlement would not exceed $24.00. Think carefully before agreeing to the Minimal Protection option. If you choose it, you must sign a specific part of the agreement that you are agreeing with the minimal protection.

You may decide upon full value protection, an affordable choice for peace of mind. Whatever you choose, please don't hesitate to ask questions. We're working together on a great relocation for you, and we want you to understand your options and be confident in your decisions.

Full Value Protection

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