Ship Buddy providing International Overseas shipping services to Residents of Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Banff, Calgary & Halifax.
We provide Houshold & Commercial Shipping from
Ottawa to China, Ottawa to Africa, Ottawa to Europe, Ottawa to Asia, Ottawa to Australia, Ottawa to Middle East
We provide Houshold & Commercial Shipping from
Toronto to China,Toronto to Africa, Toronto to Europe, Toronto to Asia, Toronto to Australia, Ottawa to Middle East
Vancouver to China, Vancouver to Africa, Vancouver to Europe, Vancouver to Asia, Vancouver to Australia, Vancouver to Middle East
Checklist for Personal Effects

Following these easy steps on the day of your shipment pickup will not only save you time and headache but it will save you money. Most importantly if you make a checklist with a list of the following steps and mark each one of them as your are packing your belongings and getting ready for your shipment pickup. You will find that instead of being stressed on the day of the pickup you will relax and ready to go.

Be ready when the shipping crew arrives. Have everything ready to go, as shipping crew is on tight schedule they will only pickup your shipment if it is ready to go within the time frame that has been scheduled for your shipment.

Arrange for street parking if needed.

Make sure both your origin and destination locations are clearly marked on each package.

Take any personal, important documents with you. Back up your computer data and take the data and the computer with you.

Take all of your valuables (e.g. jewellery, prescriptions, artwork) with you, and make special arrangements for perishables (e.g. food, plants) that may be affected by heat or cold. Make appropriate arrangements for your pets.

The actual day you move can be hectic and busy, but with some pre-planning, everything should go smoothly. Good Movers will work with you to make the day a success.

Start packing well ahead of time. Using plenty of packing paper around each breakable and crush paper to fill the entire
moving box.
The shipping forms below could be downloaded from our website. Once you have booked your move with Shipbuddy you could use the forms below:
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